Good News ~

          The following links will take you to recordings of some amazing stories we’ve been a part of. Each of these are true and whenever possible, we’ve allowed the individuals involved to give their own interpretation of the events. Enjoy!

          Lisa and Gary, live in Reedsport. Their daughter Sarah was a victim of an unthinkable act that led to nearly 20 years of drug abuse. Lisa never gave up hoping and praying for her deliverance
          and that one day, her daughter would return…

          Two decades of hope.

          When God chooses to use His people, He rarely gives them any advanced notice. One area family was out for dinner, when the Holy Spirit led their teenage son to do something remarkable…

          The Encounter.

          Curiosity and the desire to get a $20 bill back to it’s rightful owner led us on a 3,000 mile search. What we found was absolutely wonderful…

          A card, a $20 bill and a Mystery.