What’s the Buzz?

          I have a confession to make…. I love the church ….  There, I said it.  I do… I really love this idea that the Lord instituted.

          I love my church (the church my family attends) I love so many of the churches I know about here in the area and I love global church…

          There is a life giving body of believers that we can be a part of.  To serve in, to grow with, to learn from and grow along side.

          And it is this group of believers that we do life with.  The design is such that when life is good, we celebrate and rejoice together.  When we’re going through tough times we can lean on each other and share in that sorrow.  And in all times we sharpen each other with corporate worship and sound bible teaching.

          Yesterday, our fellowship shared communion, had a couple of baptisms, learned together from scripture and we worshiped God, together.

          I was thinking that this same experience was shared by hundreds perhaps thousands yesterday right here in southwestern Oregon.

          The church, though much maligned and criticized is the bride of Christ, and His plan for us to live in community, nurturing and growing together in fellowship.

          I’ll admit it, I love the church.  And I hope you do to.  And if you’ve had a bad experience with a congregation of people, I’m sorry.  I truly am.  People can so and do awful things, but please don’t let that harden your heart toward this stained and imperfect, beautifully designed family of believers.  Because there is no plan B.