New Mommy Kit

          K-LIGHT is teaming up with the Pacific Pregnancy Clinic to provide new mothers with some essentials for their new journey into motherhood. If you would like to help us bless these women, please consider providing some of these items. We’ll be collecting them through the end of the month. Please bring items to the K-LIGHT studios.

          1. Oral care essentials: Yes, this list includes a toothbrush, toothpaste, and also floss and mouthwash if you would want to carry them.

          2. Lotion: A body lotion that also contains SPF will be the best as it would not only help you avoid the UV-rays but also keep your skin moist and make you feel fresh

          3. Hand sanitizer: A small bottle (say 100ml) of hand sanitizer would work in more than just one way. It would keep you off germs and can also be used on minute cuts or bruises if you suffer them along the way.

          4. Facial wipes: You may not have enough time for a shower. This is when the facial wipes come in handy to keep your face clean and fresh and give some respite to your tired and sleepy eyes. Buy wipes that have a mild or no fragrance at all.

          5. A pair of socks: The first few weeks after giving birth, your body temperature goes through a lot of fluctuation. A pair of comfortable socks will help keep you warm and snug.

          6. Lip balm: The truth is a new mommy does not get time for makeup. So what do you have? A tinted lip balm can work wonders! It can sort your worries about having a new mommy haggard face. Not only will it moisturize and hydrate your lips, but also add that pop of color to brighten your visage.

          7. A compact mirror: A mirror is a woman’s best friend! As you don’t have the luxury of rushing to the restroom for a quick touch-up, add a compact mirror to the kit

          8. Comb and hairbands: While you may have little to no time to do your hair, carrying a comb, hairpins, hairbands, and maybe a few hair clips would help you look good. You could very quickly do your hair if these are available.

          10. A scented candle: Agreed, feeding and burping a baby and changing diapers does not paint a pretty picture! But a scented candle can lift your mood, and that is why it finds a place in this kit. Get one that does not have a strong fragrance as your baby is your new roomie!

          11. Healthy snacks: With all the running around and absolutely no time for you to rush to the kitchen for a happy meal, having a nutrition bar or a few healthy snacks in your kitty would be a blessing. These provide instant energy and help you until you get your proper meal.

          12. Peppermints: Yes, you are carrying your mouthwash and floss, but what if all you want is a quick fresh breath? Carry a few peppermints, which are not very high in sugar and are safe to be consumed when you are still breastfeeding. You could also carry some mint leaves and chew them if you like.