Thank It Forward

          During the holidays, we’re reminded of just how blessed we are to live in the land of plenty.

          While many families will be enjoying a delicious feast this thanksgiving, others in our community won’t be so fortunate.
          Wouldn’t it be wonderful if every family could enjoy a traditional thanksgiving dinner this year?

          While we can’t make that happen for each and every family, you can help us make it happen for one.

          Introducing “Thank it Forward”. It’s our effort to spread the joy of thanksgiving, this year.

          If you know of a family who could use a little help with their Dinner expenses this Thanksgiving, please nominate them to be one of our “Thank it Forward” recipients.
          Simply go to, click on the contact tab, and give us your name and email address along with the name of the family your nominating. And they could win one of our local grocery store gift certificates to cover the cost of a traditional thanksgiving dinner for five.

          “Thank it Forward,” from YOU and ninety eight seven, K-LIGHT