The world is a dark place. With shootings, political unrest, natural disasters, racial tension and war. Add to this the trials of everyday life and you can see why there’s so much despair out there. People are looking for a reason to hope!

          It’s directly into this darkness that K-LIGHT brings a message of real hope. The kind that leads to peace and joy. It’s not an overstatement to say, “Your partnership is what makes this possible.” Your faithful giving enables us to stay on the air. Every hour of every day, with every song and every spoken word, K-LIGHT declares, There is hope in the Gospel of Jesus.

          I like the text Betsy recently sent to us, it said, “Don’t ever underestimate the good the station is doing.” She was referring to how the Lord is working through K-LIGHT to encourage listeners. Tina put it this way, “God has His hands on K-LIGHT and uses it as a conduit for His love, encouragement and teaching in so many lives.”

          Together, let’s shine the light of the Gospel brightly here in Southwestern Oregon.