Every Child Coos County – My Neighbor

          (Salem, Ore.) – Every Child, in direct partnership with the Oregon Department of Human Services, is launching a comprehensive statewide emergency response to the fast-growing needs of children and families in Oregon’s foster care system.

          The initiative—My NeighbOR—launched at 7:00pm on Sunday, March 22 and is fully operational.

          Oregonians across all 36 counties are being asked to step forward and meet the tangible needs of foster families and youth in foster care.

          Foster families across Oregon have needs due to the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic.

          Systems and networks meant to care for those in foster care—and the foster families who serve them—are being challenged and taxed with growing needs.

          School closures, significant economic changes, and a limited pool of foster homes are adding additional strain to our state’s current capacity. We need the community to step up.

          If you are an Oregon foster family or a youth in foster care, share your need at https://everychildoregon.org/need/

          If you want to meet a need for foster families, visit https://everychildoregon.org/myneighbor/.