Steven Curtis Chapman: Solo

          Howdy friends! I’m excited to announce that this fall I’ll be heading out on a handful of solo shows we’re calling “SCC SOLO”! We’ll only be doing about 10 shows, but fret not: have “great expectations” (see what I did there…) and think of this tour as a teaser for what lies ahead….hint hint. 😉

          As I’ve shared, in the process of writing my book I did a lot of reminiscing and remembering -going back to where it all began for me with just a song and a guitar. And now, fast forward a few (or 30…) years, a few (or 23) albums, and a few (or 48…) number one’s….let’s just say we have a lot of ground to cover (and some new trails to blaze! ;)) on this tour!!

          Anyway….”what I really want to say” is, I hope you’ll come take a musical journey with me as I debut this intimate evening….otherwise I’ll be “speechless” on stage looking for “signs of life”. Ha! (Okay, I’ll stop for now.)